Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

Le Grand Voyage (I)

In this time, I’ll tell you my special experience. It’s about my journey to Mekkah & Madinah. Ya it is about Umroh. Why its so special??? Hmmm.. its hard to say it in a word,especially in english. But ya, it should be a special moment to change someone behaviour right??
So one day my mother want to do umroh,because some reason my father couldn’t join with her so they asked me to company my mother. *it is forbidden for any moslem girl to have a long journey without her family. I have to say, that at first I not too interest with that idea. There are several reason, one of them is about money.*even it is not my own money. i just feel that it is too much, fyi. I have to give private class in physics in order to support my economical balance. (nope. I do it just for buying koi). I said to my mom, that it’s better to keep that money to apply for haji. But then my mom told me that “insyaAlloh, there will be another Grantee from Alloh so you can go Haji”. Then okay. But my heart don’t support 100%.
When finally come some trouble. There are 2 mains problem. The umroh schedule is same with Koi competition in Jogja, and I have a good relationship with the leader of that event. I just feel uncomfortable if i couldn’t join that event. I tell this problem to my mom. And BINGGO. Haha. You can imagine lah. My mom already “alergic” with my activities in koi because i buy so many koi in one time.hehe.  The next problem is, one night i got a really bad stomached. I worried that it is hernia/usus buntu. Then finally i contact my family in solo at midnight. I worried if i have to get operation or something like that,that’s make me cannot travel for along time. I got an examination from dr.x then alhamdulillah it is not hernia/usus buntu. Its just ketudun, then i remember that last day i just jump after having sit up. Haha. Oke, case closed. Finally i have been registered by my mom to join umroh.
My heart still not support 100%. I don’t know. And my father always ask me. “how about your preparation?? “ “ have you memorize all of the Doa?” “ do you know the rule about umroh” bla bla bla. He always ask me about that then finally i decide to join manasik umroh. It is about short training held by the EO of umroh. Then finally my heart support 100 %. The ustadz tell me so many benefit that I can gain from Umroh, thats make me think not to throw away this opportunities.
So it is the day. My schedule is 20th feb, and buuump. Mt.Kelud erupted in 14th feb. I got an information from airport that my flight to jakarta canceled. So i decide to take train from solo to jakarta first. Jukijakkijukkijakkijuk. I came to jakarta!!!yea... in this capital city of Indonesia there are several agenda that should be done before I flight to Jeddah. The most important things is to change IDR to SR. Hehe. In that time i told to my mother. “ Mom, I realy want to buy mahar for my marriage” haha...  then my mom replied, simple. “ give me info about your future wife, I’ll looking for the right mahar”.. buuump. Mom please.. i’m still single.. T.T
So we enter the airplane, Etihad Airways. Aaaand Take Off.

To be continued.

Aku galau dab!

Hello, You again. Welcome to my blog. Surprise!! I think this is my first post that written in english. Ya I have to safe my money to build my own business so either go to english class, I choose to study it by myself by practicing english everyday.
In this post i would like to share one of my experience about Job hunting. So, in last january one of my friend with initial “HP” told me that there is a recruitment from BASF Germany for Management Trainee. Fyi, BASF is one of the biggest company that produce speciality chemical.
One of my dream is working in a company like BASF. A worldwide company which produce speciality chemical. The development of speciality chemical is very fast, so it would be very useful to my knowledge because i will study something new, fresh and secret. It would be very interesting become people who knows something earlier than other.
I monitor the development of that program every week. Ya, every week. Because I couldn’t find any information about the interview schedule. Finally, one night my friend “HP” chat me by whatsapp. She told me that she feels so depress. Then i asked, what happens? What’s going wrong?? She replied: one of our “friend” vt already in the final stage of BASF recruitment process.
Speechless. i have to say that vt is not as good as hp. Ya. I know about HP quality, it’s better than vt quality. Very far away. Even vt quality is not as good as I am. But why??
Arrgh. Even in this time i feel it is stil not fair. Why vt?? Hzz. She has so many bad record. Ah.
Ya i don’t have to tell her bad record in this post. But ya i feel so disappointed with that result.
I have to learn that something worth doesn’t come easy and until here i still learn to convice that it will another opportunities.

Arrgggghhh. I just wanna scream!

But now, I’m understand that VT is so much better than me in english. Ya. so let’s improve your english skills Rai!